Always remember to trim your wick! Trimming the wick to approximately 7mm will ensure you a long lasting fragrance & burn time and eliminate all black smudges on the glass or wax.

 The first time you light your candle, be sure to allow the wax to melt evenly all the way to the outer edges of the glass. This will create a burn memory for your candle and ensure you receive the maximum fragrance and burn time. This is also the case for our soy melts.

As all of our candles are hand poured, please be aware that there may be small differences in each candles. This can range from an uneven look in the wax at the top of the candle, a slightly uncentered wick to 'wet patches' on the sides of the jar. This will not in any way affect the candle.

 Keep out of direct sunlight and always ensure atleast 1cm of wax is left at the end of your candle. Do not allow the wick to continue to burn with less than 1cm of wax as this can cause the glass to over heat, smash and possibly become flamable. The maximum burn time for your candle should not exceed 4.5 hours.